Our Creation Story

Our founder and CEO, Jay Johnson, has been fighting for things bigger than himself for over twenty years. 

Jay grew tired of seeing mobs of politicians, banksters and Wall Street elites getting rich on the back of Main Steet. Jay has lived in many places globally and has witnessed true poverty. In these societies, very few in centralized power controlled many—this is not for Americans.

Left unchanged, the lack of real financial education and real wealth on Main Street will result in the destruction of personal independence. 

Over time, personal freedoms will erode and we will revert to what the world has always known prior to the U.S.A.— a form of socialism. This will result in too few controlling far too many. Freedom and independence will be replaced with centrally dependent social programs for our children’s children. History consistently teaches, “he who controls the gold, makes the rules”—so we must be careful who controls the “gold”. Simply stated, individual wealth defeats dependency; therefore, our forever fight is Enriching humanity and saving America through financial independence.

Too few have ready access to significant real asset investment opportunities. Unfortunately, this leaves only Wall Street extortion available to most. Our strategically developed ecosystem provides practical access to real financial education, deal flow, information, a team and most importantly…a chance.

Perhaps you have wealth you are wanting to protect and grow. You may need help reducing or eliminating taxes. Maybe you are looking to get started. Regardless, we have the solution.

A Life Of Service- Jay is a veteran and has served as a long-time law enforcement professional. Jay has served in many capacities to include a patrol officer, detective, SWAT operator, sniper, team leader, trainer and many other roles. Jay has operated among and led teams in dynamic high-stake situations. Jay is a successful owner of multiple businesses and a general contractor in the design-build space. Jay has always woven his unique public service experience with his love and experience in business. This patriotic love of country and desire to serve resulted in the Code 3 American movement.

If building wealth, cutting taxes and saving the best country the world has ever known falls on your heart like it does ours, we’d love to have you in the Code 3 American Community.

The fact you are here illustrates you are paying attention and already recognize the need for a Code 3 response to protect you and your family. 

The fastest way to learn about opportunity is to join a network of like-minded people, already plugged in, and focused on the same mission.

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