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Our Mission: Enriching humanity and saving America through financial independence.

We help investors increase cash-flow and eliminate taxes by providing access to real assets required by real people in the real economy.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time”.
Jim Rohn

We save investors and soon to be investors precious time by providing efficient access to hard asset investment opportunities, real financial education, current information and the benefit of an enhanced network.

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“I have learned a TON and have been granted amazing opportunities by so many great people referenced on this site. The most impactful lesson has been the power of an abundant mindset and being around the right people. Being abundant and leading with value allows us to “be infinite” as Ken McElroy would say. Your future self will thank you for listening to real teachers like Kenny. This is why we are so proud to deliver a place saturated with shortcuts to real education and real opportunities. Enjoy the site, share with friends and accelerate your life!”

—Jay Johnson, Founder & CEO, Code 3 Assets, LLC.

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Why Code 3 Assets?

In emergency services, Code 3 means an emergency response to a rapidly changing situation. 

Society is rapidly changing, and to continue to thrive, a Code 3 response is necessary. 

Our society has become alarmingly divided. Social unrest is increasing, the wealth divide is growing, and the middle class is being crushed.  This is largely a result of distortions created by big government and monetary policy.  Lack of real financial education is also to blame, but few wish to address this. 

In the coming years, automation will continue replacing workers and more people will reach retirement age, without sufficient assets.  As a result, dependency on government social programs will continue to accelerate at exponential rates. In response, governments will continue creating and spending money and this will steal more purchasing power from hard working people unless they own assets that benefit from this process.

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